Current Population (2006 projected)


Urban (2006 projected)

Rural (2006 projected)


:     66,047


:       8,993

:     57,054


Population Density


:     7 persons/hectare


Population Growth


:     1.566% annually


Crude Birth Rate

:     0.06% annually


Population trend: Using the geometric method of computing growth rate per census year reveals that the average growth rate of Pototan is 2.1% annually. The average rate of expansion has been estimated at 10% per year.

Population Distribution: With an average of 9,449,459 hectares and a total of 60,127 people, the municipality is considered under populated since only six person occupy a hectare of land.

Household Population: Presently, there are an estimated 10,021 families of which 1,359 reside in the poblacion. The average number of persons per household is six.