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New Building for Department of Agriculture


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Functional Statements, Objectives And Expected Results

Municipal Engineer's Office


I. Functional Statements

Pursuant to section 477 of the Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160), the Municipal Engineer shall take charge of the engineering office and shall:


1. Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans, and programs, techniques procedure and practices in infrastructure development

`    and public works in general of the Municipality.

2. Administer, coordinate, supervise, and control the construction, maintenance , improvement and repair of roads, bridges, and other engineering and project

works of the municipality.

3. Implement building codes as to processing of building permits, electrical permits, sanitary permits and other relative permits before constructing a building

within the municipality.

4. Act as a building official of the municipality.


II. Objectives

1. To implement the infrastructure programs of the municipality in accordance with the standard guidelines set by competent authority.

2. To administer, coordinate, supervise and control the construction, maintenance, improvement  and repair of buildings, roads and bridges, and other

engineering and public works.