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Functional Statements, Objectives And Expected Results

Municipal Planning and Development Office


I. Functional Statements

The planning office takes charge in the formulation of integrated sectoral plans; conducts continuing studies and researchers; monitor & evaluate of the different dev't. programs, project and activities; prepares comprehensive plans & other development planning documents for consideration of MDC; analyze the income & expenditure pattern & formulate & recommend fiscal plans & policies for consideration of the finance committee; promote people participation in dev't. planning with LGU; supervise & control over the secretariat of the MDC and exercise such other powers and perform such other functions & duties as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance.


II. Objectives

1. To formulate integrated economic social, physical & other development plans for consideration of the MPC.

2. To integrate & coordinate all sectoral plans, studies undertaken by the different functional agencies.

3. To monitor and evaluate the improvement and different  development programs, project and activities in consideration of the MDC.

4. To analyze the income and expenditure patterns for the Budget year.

5. To promote people participation in development planning w/in LGU.